Student Assistant Positions


  • Classification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) in neuro-denegative and autoimmune diseases
  • Large-scale gene regulatory network inference
  • Co-clustering of heterogeneous biological data types

We are an international team, and offer an interdisciplinary working environment in an exciting and booming research area, and first-hand experience of collaborative research at an internationally competitive level. During your stay you will have bi-weekly meeting with your mentor (on request), sit in our student room, and have access to our computational resources. The focus of the all projects is on systems medicine, and involves data analysis, as well as developing machine learning algorithms and modeling aspects. The ultimate aim is to develop computational models describing immunological aspects of neuro-degenerative disease and cancer.


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Background in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Bioinformatics or similar
  • Basic understanding of Biology
  • Programming skills in R or MATLAB


  • 4-9 months (starting October 2015 to January 2016)


  • We expect 3 presentations to the group, and 3 written reports (literature, midterm and final report/thesis)
  • We would expect the final version of your thesis 3 weeks before your defense


Please send your details, CV and a short statement of your motivation to narsis.kiani@ki.se

Postdoc positions in Bioinformatics


We are searching for two candidates in applied bioinformatics and computational biology who will be working in Neurodegenerative diseases or Tumor-immunology. Strong command of bioinformatics pipelines for analyzing raw RNAseq data is a merit. Interest and aptitude for working with publically available databases with the objective of integrating multiple types of data targeting specific medical disease related questions in the areas of glioblastoma, melanoma, multiple sclerosis, frontal dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinsons Disease, and immune related diseases and analysis of molecular data w.r.t T and B cells.

In all these cases we have shared grants and ongoing projects with clinical investigators.


A person is eligible for a postdoc position if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than five years before the last date of employment as postdoc.


Please send your CV and covering letter to pernilla.appelquist@ki.se


Applications are invited from highly talented and enthusiastic researchers with a PhD degree in physics, mathematics, engineering, biomedicine or a foreign qualification deemed equivalent to a doctorate. Expertise in technologies, programming languages, and algorithms and their application to medicine are required.

Postgraduates who have yet to graduate may apply if their public defense is scheduled to take place within three months after the application deadline, in which case verification from the Dissertation Committee or equivalent body must be submitted with the application.

Eligible applicants must have a well-documented track record of excellence. Successful candidates will need a strong passion for daily computational work and an aptitude for balancing between innovation and pragmatism. The successful candidates should have very good interpersonal and cooperation skills, be flexible and capable of working in a structured and efficient way. The successful candidates should also be able to contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial climate existing within the team. Since the work includes international collaborations, excellent communication skills in spoken and written English are required. Experience from international research settings is an advantage. The candidate should be able to drive research projects independently.