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ICSB Satellite Workshop Barcelona 2016: Molecular Networks, the rise of networks of networks

We are pleased to invite you for a new workshop session coming September 2016 in Barcelona: Molecular Networks, the rise of networks of networks. The event will take place the 21st of September will be dedicated to network analysis and especially the novel development of “networks of networks” both through case studies and theoretical developments.

The workshop aims to review the topic and existing methodologies and to give the opportunity to researchers to present their tools and case studies. Discussions will become a nucleus to start network of researchers along Europe (and outside Europe) who will be possible users of the network of networks methodologies.

Keynote speakers:

PI Jöerg Menche, CeMM, Austria

PI Ginestra Bianconi, Queen’s Mary University, UK

If you are interested in the topic, do not miss this event and Register. For More information See the PDF.

We also invite you to SUBMIT an abstract (see the link).

Additionally, we are completing an agreement with BMC Systems Biology to have a Special Supplement publication from the Workshop. We will be inviting selected oral presentations and posters.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona

A recent publication from our group (see the link) shows that long-term endurance training in a stable way alters the epigenetic pattern in the human skeletal muscle. The research team behind the study, which is being published in the journal Epigenetics, also found strong links between these altered epigenetic patterns and the activity in genes controlling improved metabolism and inflammation. The results may have future implications for prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

We are proud to say that this paper caught the attention of different international media from US to all over the Europe.

The German Television has also recorded a movie about this work and you can see it here:

And the link to the whole program (the whole 45 minutes) is here:

Unfortunately it is all in german – and the voices are overdubbed – but we hope, it is still interesting and fun to watch for you.

The International Solvay Institute will host the Event ”Bridging the gaps at the PCB interface” Multiscale Modelling in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Prof. Jesper Tegnér has been invited to give a talk at this interesting Symposium.

Omics and Data Integration: STATegra is a FP7 funded project that aims to develop statistical methods and software for the integration of NGS and omics data. The goal is to provide bioinformatics resources that the genomics community can easily use to integrate and to understand their experiments involving a variety of omics measurements. Within the project, Dr. Gomez-Cabrero coordinated the Summer School in Omics and Data Integration (September 2015). During the event, him and his collaborators provided training to experimentalists and bioinformaticians in the analysis of multi-omics experiments.

Useful links below:

Introduction to the summer school

Topics available

NGS introduction:

RNA-seq introduction:

DNA Methylation introduction:

Single-Cell Through Time:



Systems Medicine: Under the auspices of CaSYM, with support of FEBS, Raffaella Giugliano (Scientific Coordinator in the CompMed team) has coordinated the organization of the First European Summer School on Systems Medicine in Stockholm (June 2015) where the best examples of how to use advanced computational tools in translational clinical research were presented and discussed. Useful link below:

Introduction to the summer school

Topics available

Systems Biology of the Mammalian Circadian Clock:
Computational Tissue Engineering:
Solving the puzzle of Multiple Sclerosis:
From Systems to Personalized Medicine:
Understanding of necrotizing soft tissue infections:

CASyM is funded by the European Union, Seventh Framework Programme under the Health Cooperation Theme and Grant Agreement # 305033.

Translational Medicine: In a joint international effort, Dr. Gomez-Cabrero has been leading the contributions from the team w.r.t systems understanding of COPD and translating the results into the clinic, & 11 papers were published during 2014.

Theory: Spearheaded by Dr. Zenil, we have developed a novel conceptual framework to understand key elements in complex networks from the standpoint of information, structure and dynamics. See for example this paper published in the journal of Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology (and more in Publications).

Wellness and Exercise: The team (shared first and last author) discovered coordinated epigenetic and transcriptomics changes in response to physical training. Dr Marabita’s work caught the interest of the media and New York Times highlighted this in one column. (for more info see

One Clinical Publication from our team (Dr. Gomez-Cabrero) on epigenetic effect on cesarean delivery was awarded with the Regnell Prize in Medicine 2014 from the Swedish Medical Science

The PhD courses on bioinformatics organized by the team (Drs Gomez-Cabrero, Marabita, Ball) continue to receive the highest scores from the students (see the latest courses here: and