ICSB 2016: International Conference on Systems Biology

Satellite Workshop Tutorial: Molecular networks, the rise of networks of networks

This special session focuses on the network inspired approaches to analysis and integration of the massive data sets now prevalent in the life sciences. It introduces new approaches and solutions to the Big Data problem, and presents new techniques in the field of graph theory for handling and processing challenging large data sets. By discussing cutting-edge problems and techniques, the session offers researchers from a wide range of fields a unique opportunity to gain an insight on the status and perspectives of exploiting big heterogonous data in the life-sciences through concept of “Network of Networks”.


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Abstract Submission (Dealine: August 10th)


21st September 09:00 – 18:00


Morning Session

 9:00-09:10  Welcoming
 9:10-10:00  Keynote speaker: Jörg Menche
 10:00-10:30  Selected speaker form submitted abstract
 11:30-11.00  Selected speaker form submitted abstract
 11:00-11.30  Coffee break
 11:30-12.00  Selected speaker form submitted abstract
 12:00-12.30  Selected speaker form submitted abstract

Afternoon Session



Keynote speaker: Ginestra Bianconi
15:00-15:30 Selected speaker from submitted abstract
15:30-16:00 Selected speaker from submitted abstract
16:00-17:30 Open panel discussion
Fundamental problems in network  biology/medicin


Assist. Prof. Narsis A. Kiani (Karolinska Institutet)
Assist. Prof. David Gomez-Cabrero (Karolinska Institutet)

Unit of Computational Medicine

Karolinska University Hospital, L8:05
SE-171 76 Stockholm

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