Jesper Tegnér

Curriculum Vitae

A Quote from the External Research Assessment 2011


Ranked as Outstanding (score 6 out  of 6, top 5%, @Karolinska Institute & Karolinska University Hospital) . Dr Tegner has been very successful in combining different types of skills, from bioinformatics to wet laboratory, taking advantage of his own peculiar background and education. He has contributed to important methodological developments in bioinformatics, with an original angle, which is to test mathematically-based hypotheses with wet lab confirmation. His skills and those of his collaborators include diverse topics such as short-term memory, epigenetics and cell differentiation. However, their methodology seems to remain sound in spite of the heterogeneous topics. His group has been successfully set up very recently (last year), with a very good record of grants and publications. Future potential and opportunities: Innovation and productivity will be high in the next five years. There should be more collaborations with other groups at KI given the great intellectual potential offered by this group.”

Unit of Computational Medicine

Karolinska University Hospital, L8:05
SE-171 76 Stockholm

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