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— March 19, 2015

Modeling chronic diseases through the Synergy-COPD project

This text discusses a supplement published in Journal of Translational Medicine based on the work of Synergy-COPD. The final aim of Synergy-COPD was the development and the application in both research and clinical context of a patient-specific computer based model and simulation by integrating data…

— March 17, 2015

Fysisk aktivitet påverkar hur Du använder ditt DNA!

Ett forskarteam på Karolinska Institutet i Solna har under ledning av professor Jesper Tegnér under ett års tid följt bandyspelaren Ville Aaltonen i elitserielaget Bollnäs Bandy. Med regelbundna avancerade blodanalyser och kroppssensorer på Ville har forskarna följt honom dygnet runt i ett års tid.…

— March 6, 2015

Personal health data clouds to give early warning for cancer, other diseases

The falling cost of gene sequencing and the prevalence of healthcare monitoring gadgets means our bodies will become data clouds that give us an early warning for diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, according to researchers in a growing field known as…

— December 18, 2014

Endurance training changes muscle DNA methylation

A recent publication from our group, in collaboration with scientist at the Physiology department, show that endurance training alter the DNA methylation profile in skeletal muscle.

— October 26, 2014

Get to know the team members

An immune cell for everyone.

— October 15, 2014

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