The Unit of Computational Medicine is a strategic initiative generously supported by the Stockholm County Council (SLL), The Karolinska University Hospital (KUH), Karolinska Institute (KI), and Science for Life Laboratories (SciLife). The Tegnér team is ranked as an outstanding research group (ERA 2012, KI, 77 out of 567 research groups). The team is an official SciLife Group (as of 2014), a CMM (Center for Molecular Medicine) research team, affiliated with Department of Medicine Solna (KI) and the Clinical Epidemiology unit in the hospital (KUH).


The Tegnér team is a uniquely integrated multidisciplinary team that reached a maximum of 25 people from a variety of areas such as pure and applied mathematics, immunology, physics, midwifery, complexity theory, cell and molecular biology, computer science, pharmacology, engineering, and medicine. The team is very international, members come from different parts of the world, postdocs in majority, and since Swedes are in minority we can´t offer you a good environment for learning swedish.


Our mission is to develop, validate, and apply integrative theory-computational-experimental approaches, which in the end provide fundamental insights of circuits of life beyond physics and thereby in practice enable prediction, prevention and treatment of diseases & supporting wellness.



Unit of Computational Medicine

Karolinska University Hospital, L8:05
SE-171 76 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 517 708 69
Cell phone: + 46 72 530 75 53